About “Xi Lai Yi”

Residing in the saha world as a temporary abode for the illusory body,The great chiliocosom shares the same light and dust.
I never ask the Patriarch’s intention in coming from the West,Being dedicated only to achieving the samadhi (deep concentration) of qin.

“Xi Lai Yi” Qin Workshop, established on the basis of Xie Xie Tang Qin Workshop in Shanghai, aims at cultivating and understanding the meaning of life through qin playing and qin making experience. While the way one makes a qin is not different from the way one conducts oneself; and the way one practices the qin is similar to the way one cultivates Zen as qins can express how they feel. We will be able to discover Zen in the inexplicable sounds qin makes, a well-performed piece of music as well as from each draw of the saw, each push of the planer and each chop of the hatchet. We hope to inspire people so that they will have this feeling of ease body and soul through such yin yuan or the cause and effect relationship.


一张传世老琴,经千百年不朽,皆于琴背池上刻以字名,龙池左右上下四隅 填刻铭文、 印章。 斫琴者、 弹琴者、 收藏者, 皆于琴铭题诗、 题字、 篆刻中可见。 此铭刻一举, 除增添古琴观赏和文学艺术价值外, 也记述着一张琴之来历与传承, 其中不乏历代名士 .迹和印章,有书法、篆刻极为精美者,为传世古琴增添更多 人 .色彩,并提高收藏价值及史料价值。其铭文中师说祖语、醒世格言,更加令 人感怀明悟。其中有书法家原作之墨迹早已失传,故更加弥足珍贵。



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